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“He Who Is Worthy of Love” , by Abdellah Taïa (FRENCH VERSION) Play

“He Who Is Worthy of Love” , by Abdellah Taïa (FRENCH VERSION)

Published at 06 14,,, 19 2019
January 31, 2019. Casa Árabe, Cabaret Voltaire and Kif-Kif, Migraciones y Refugio LGBTI+ have organized the presentation of this book by Moroccan author Abdellah Taïa. Taking part in the meeting with the author were Samir Bargachi, president of Kifkif, Migraciones y Refugio LGBTI+. The event was presented by Karim Hauser, Casa Árabe’s International Politics Coordinator. Ahmed is 40 years old, lives in Paris and is Moroccan. He writes to his mother, who passed away five years ago, to deal with topics that have remained unresolved, and finally to tell her that he is homosexual. He sends a letter to break up with Emmanuel, the man he loves passionately, the man who took him to France and changed his life, though not for the better in every way. Ahmed also receives letters from Vincent and Lahbib. An epistolary novel that harks back in time to the origins of all that pain. A book on French colonialism that endures in the young Moroccan’s love life. The book’s presentation will delve into such topics as sexuality, colonialism and identity as a Moroccan LGBTI+ individual. Abdellah Taïa will visit Casa Árabe thanks to the collaboration of Fundación Tres Culturas. Abdellah Taïa (Salé, 1973) is a Moroccan writer and filmmaker who has been living in Paris since 1998. Through his father, a concierge at a local Rabat library, he comes into contact with literature and studies French Literature in Rabat. He gets the opportunity to leave Morocco in the mid-1990s when he studies abroad for one semester in Geneva. He later studies at the Sorbonne in Paris. In 2006, he made his sexual orientation public in an interview with the political magazine Tel Quel, becoming the first Moroccan intellectual to do so in that way. Taïa’s books don’t just deal with his life as a gay man in a homophobic environment, but also perform reflection over an autobiographical background showing the social experiences of the generation of Moroccans who grew up in the 1980s and 1990s. More info: http://en.casaarabe.es/event/“he-who-is-worthy-of-love”


  • Book presentation: "The Era of Jihad"Show video

    Book presentation: "The Era of Jihad"

    From 2001 until today, Patrick Cockburn’s coverage of the conflicts in the Middle East and other regions has been outstanding. His chronicles make use of his extensive direct experience and in-depth knowledge of the region’s history to offer fine-tuned analysis in the midst of very complex crises. For instance, he upheld that the Western invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq would be unsustainable and that it was very likely that the Libyan rebels would end up facing off against each other. Perhaps what is most surprising is that he reported on the advent of ISIS as the main force in the region even before the British government’s intelligence services were aware of the threat it represented. This led the jury of the British Journalism Awards to ask itself “whether the authorities should study the possibility of sending the MI6 as a whole into retirement and hiring Patrick Cockburn to replace them.” Written in the form of a fascinating diary, this book combines a careful selection of Cockburn’s writings from the war fronts in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria.
    Published at 10 03,,, 16 2016
  • Book presentation: Le Piano orientalShow video

    Book presentation: Le Piano oriental

    Le piano oriental (The Eastern Piano) explores the cultural relations between East and West through the images drawn by Zeina Abirached. Their graphic and narrative structure draws us along two different timelines. Abirached was inspired by the life of her great-grandfather, Abdallah Chahine, transforming him into a music aficionado who invents a bilingual piano in the 1950’s. This piano unites the two shores of the Mediterranean with one fantastic beat of its pedals. The instrument put together by Abdallah is a symbol of the proximity between two cultures. Abirached uses that idea to discuss the need to integrate the unique historical and cultural features of these two lands without causing them to lose their own identities, all with a wonderful sense of humor.
    Published at 06 03,,, 16 2016
  • The Arabic Language in Spain (in Arabic)Show video

    The Arabic Language in Spain (in Arabic)

    Presentation of a study published in Arabic by the King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz International Center for the Arabic Language. Casa Árabe hosted this event, organized by the office of the Cultural Attaché of the Saudi Arabian Embassy in Spain, on the occasion of publishing a study titled “The Arabic Language in Spain,” in Arabic, by the King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz International Center for the Arabic Language (KAICA). This study forms part of a series of monographic works by the KAICA on the Arabic language published in different languages and countries. It was coordinated by Maoulainine Maoulainine al-Atiq, then a visiting a professor at the University of Granada, as well as the aforementioned authors, along with Bárbara Boloix Gallardo, a professor from the Department of Semitic Studies at the same university.
    Published at 23 20,,, 16 2016
  • Presentation of the book “Silk Nights” by Aicha Bassry (Arabic)Show video

    Presentation of the book “Silk Nights” by Aicha Bassry (Arabic)

    On the occasion of International Women’s Day, Casa Árabe and the Verbum publishing firm, with the cooperation of the Círculo Intercultural Hispano Árabe, organized this presentation of the book: “Noches de Seda” (“Silk Nights”) by Aicha Bassry. The event included the participation of Aicha Bassry, the author; Paula Izquierdo, a writer, and Abdul Hadi Sadoun, a writer, translator and collaborating editor from the Verbum publishing firm. Presented and moderated by Nuria Medina, Casa Árabe’s Culture Coordinator. More info: http://en.casaarabe.es/event/presentation-of-the-book-“silk-nights”
    Published at 40 11,,, 16 2016
  • Homage to Abderrahman el Abnoudy (ARABIC)Show video

    Homage to Abderrahman el Abnoudy (ARABIC)

    Casa Árabe held this poetry recital with the cooperation of the Egyptian Institute of Islamic Studies. The event was presented by Basem Saleh, a cultural advisor of the Republic of Egypt in Madrid and the director of the Egyptian Institute of Islamic Studies. Nehal Kamal, a journalist on Egyptian television and el-Abnoudy’s widow, along with Rosa Martínez Lillo, a professor of Arabic Language and Literature at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM), also took part in this homage to the Egyptian poet who passed away in 2015. The recital also included the presence of four UAM students, who will be reading a selection of el-Abnoudy’s poems in Spanish and Arabic. More info: http://en.casaarabe.es/event/homage-to-abderrahman-el-abnoudy
    Published at 33 16,,, 15 2015