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  • Series of “Workshops with History” in Cordoba

    Series of “Workshops with History” in Cordoba

    From February 21, 2024 until December 20, 2024Check times and dates for each workshop.
    For yet another year, Casa Árabe is hosting these craft workshops at its headquarters in Cordoba. They have been organized by SextoMario with the goal of increasing awareness about the region’s history and historical values.
  • Summer course "A City’s tale between Rome and al-Andalus"

    Summer course "A City’s tale between Rome and al-Andalus"

    From May 22, 2024 until June 02, 2024Registration until June 2nd. The course would take place from July 22sd to 26th of the same month, from Monday to Friday 9:00-19:00. The course will be held at different times, please consult the program.
    Experts  would lead a selected group of students through the history from Rome to al-Andalus 
  • Revisiting A Thousand and One Nights 

    Revisiting A Thousand and One Nights 

    From May 24, 2024 until June 10, 2024The seminar will take place on Monday 10 June, starting at 6:00 p.m..
    This seminar, organised in collaboration with the Sheikh Zayedl Book Award, will be held on Monday 10 June at Casa Árabe's headquarters in Madrid. An open day to shed light on some aspects of this formidable work. Register now to attend. 
  • This summer...learn Arabic! 

    This summer...learn Arabic! 

    From June 01, 2024 until June 20, 2024Check schedules for each level and group.
    The registration period for the courses offered by Casa Árabe’s Language Center began on June 1. We are offering face-to-face and online classes for both children and adults. Free registration. 

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