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Carthage: literary territory

April 15, 20247:00 p.m.
Casa Árabe Ambassadors’ Hall (at Calle Alcalá, 62, First Floor). 7:00 p.m. Free entry until the event’s capacity is reached.
In Spanish.

Casa Árabe and the Tunisian Embassy in Spain, with the cooperation of the Sial Pygmalion Publishing Group, are organizing the presentation of this book on Monday, April 15 in Madrid, with the participation of its coordinator Ridha Mami and several co-authors.

Under the coordination of Tunisian Hispanist, professor, writer, translator and poet Ridha Mami, some 30 writers, poets, essayists, photographers and artists from a dozen countries and three continents will be presenting many innovative readings on the same geographical context turned into a background and literary theme:  the ancient, historic and iconic city of Carthage, founded by Phoenician princess Elisa Dido in the late ninth century B. C. Carthage is considered one of the great Punic, Roman and Byzantine metropolises of the Mediterranean, leading it to be declared a World Heritage Site. 
The book is a continuation of Sial Pygmalion’s Literary Territories collection, which travels through some of the most suggestive places in geography and universal literature, on a journey through time and space to be presented by renowned artists and creators. It is an exercise in shared creation, with the goal of turning history into literature, personifying myths and recreating the image of the city-state that eventually expanded and controlled Mediterranean trade, a melting pot of peoples and cultures which is presented in this work as something more than just an exciting tourist destination or an important archeological site to be explored. 
The event will include the participation of Ridha Mami and several co-authors. The event will also be attended by Fatma Omrani Chergui, the Ambassador of Tunisia in Spain; Basilio Rodríguez Cañada, president of  Grupo Editorial Sial Pigmalión; and Cristina Juarranz, Casa Árabe’s Management Assistant.  
Ridha Mami (Sousse-Tunis, 1964) earned a PhD from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and is a professor of Spanish Language and Literature at the University of Manouba in Tunis, as well as a specialist on Aljamiado-Moorish literature. He is the author of a long series of articles and much research, including his books Morisco Manuscript 9653 at the National Library of Madrid: Publication, linguistic study and glossary (2002), The Moorish Poet: From Rojas Zorrilla to the secret author of a comedy about Mohammed (2010), Lunas de primavera (Spring Moons, 2011) and Anthology of Contemporary Tunisian Poetry (2019). His lines of research and teaching include Spanish literature, comparative literature and history of the Spanish language. He is a member of the IAIH (International Association of Hispanists) and the AIS (International Association of Semiotics). He has been awarded the Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer International Poetry Prize (2013), the Escriduende Prize granted by the Madrid International Book Fair (2015) and the Ibnu Arabí International Literature Prize (Madrid, 2018).
Carthage: literary territory