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Cinema season Euroba

From November 12, 2010 until January 28, 2011

Casa Árabe organizes the cinema season Euroba in Madrid, from December 10th to January 31st 2011, with Laila and Nadia Hotait as curators.Europe, or Euroba in the Arabic phonetics, is plural, varied, has many pasts and presents and a piece of its closest future hangs on the understanding and assimilation of the migrations that come from Arab or Islamic countries towards its territory.

Within this context, Euroba season constitutes a film interpretation over this reality created with titles produced by both European and Arab directors, and that keeps at the same time a constructive and critique tone.


Al otro lado cartelThe Edge of Heaven, by Fatih Akin (Germany and Turkey, 2007, 122 min.).
Though a series of meetings, relations and deceases, the fragile lives of six people cross during their emotional travels between Germany and Turkey.
Ecce hommos, by Claude El Khal (Lebanon, 2009, 12 min.).
Full of enthusiasm and hope, a young Lebanese filmmaker knocks on the door of an “international” producer to pitch his film project.

Yalla, yalla! cartelYalla, yalla!, by Jossef Fares (Sweden, 2001, 88 min.).
A young man with Lebanese origins who lives in Sweden, Roro, decides to finally introduce his Swedish girlfriend to his family. That very same afternoon he finds out that his wedding to a Lebanese girl is being arranged and that she will be sent back to Lebanon if she does not marry him. Roro and his best friend do their best to try to solve the situation.

Lejos cartelFar Away (Loin), by André Téchiné (France, 2001, 126 min.).
The story of Serge, a lorry driver who travels periodically between France and Africa and accepts an illegal proposal of smuggling some cargo in order to get some extra money. Serge has a special and passionate relation with Sarah, a young Moroccan female who has to decide whether she wishes to move to Canada to her brother's house or to stay in her city.
Bamboleho, by Luis Prieto (Spain, 2001, 13 min.).
The story of a seventeen year-old youth who lives in the street and shares his life with his best friend, Ahmed, a young man with Magrheb origins, and his girlfriend Mara, a teenager willing to have new experiences and adventures.

Salut, Cousin, by Merzak Allouache (Algeria and France, 1996, 96 min.).
A young Algerian arrives in Paris, where his cousin has been living for some time. He has been told that it is the promised land and that easy money is at hand. Once there, he discovers that things are not as expected.
In this world cartel
In this world, by Michael Winterbotton (United Kingdom, 2002, 88 min.).
Jamal and Enayatullah are two Afghan youngsters that live in the Pakistani city of Peshawar. Jamal can hardly get money out of his job in a brick factory and survives in the refugee camp of Shamshatoo. Enayatullah's family decides to send him to England to have a better life, and his cousin tries to convince the family that he should also join the trip.


Friday December 3rd
The Edge of Heaven
Friday December 10th
Ecce homos and Yalla, yalla!
Monday December 13th
Far Away
Friday December 17th
Bamboleho and Salut, Cousin
Monday December 20th
In this world
Monday January 10th
Far Away
Friday January 14th
The Edge of Heaven
Friday January 21th
In this world
Monday January 24th
Bamboleho and Salut, Cousin
Friday January 28th
Ecce homos and Yalla, yalla!
All films will be shown at 19.30h at Casa Árabe's Auditorium in Madrid (c/ Alcalá, 62). Free entrance, prior ticket collection from 19.00h on at the entrance. Two tickets per person. Original version with Spanish subtitles.
Cinema season Euroba