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First steps of the Maghreb Cinema in Sevilla

From November 12, 2010 until January 24, 2011

Casa Árabe organizes in Seville, from December 13th to January 24th on, this season, conformed by four films which are the first pieces integrally Maghrebi-produced.

Its exhibit enables the reconstruction of the history of the cinema in Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia. The season included the show of Wechma, by Hamid Bennani (Morocco, 1970); Omar Gatlato, by Merzak Allouache (Algeria, 1976); Oh the Days!, by Ahmed El Maanouni (Morocco, 1978) and Wanderers of the Desert, by Nacer Khemir (Tunisia, 1984).


HuellasWechma, by Hamid Bennani (Morocco, 1970).

This film is considered to be an indisputable masterpiece of the Moroccan cinema, diametrically opposed to the classical tale. The story places an orphan, emblematic hero of an initiation trip, as the centre of an original narrative mechanism.

Omar Gatlato
, by Merzak Allouache (Algeria, 1976).
Omar Gatlato
This work marks the start of a new stage in Algerian cinema, which breaks with the films on revolutionary topics made during the previous years to focus its critical look on the day to day life of the new generation.

Días y díasOh the Days!, by Ahmed El Maanouni (Morocco, 1978).
This full-length film emblematically marks the new Arab cinema. Directed in precarious conditions with amateur actors, the film is an inspired report on the rural living in Casablanca's region.

Los balizadores del desierto
Wanderers of the Desert
, by Nacer Khemir (Tunisia, 1984).

This film is a sufi tale which lauds the desert beauty. Composing plans and sequences as paintings, Khemir pays homage to the Arab culture’s splendor.


Monday December 13th
Monday January 10th
Omar Gatlato
Monday January 17th
On the Days!
Monday January 24th
Wanderers of the Desert

The films will be shown at 20.00 at the Andalusian Film Center (Filmoteca de Andalucía) in Seville (Uruguay Pavilion, Avda. de Chile, s/n). Free entrance.
First steps of the Maghreb Cinema in Sevilla