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Mathematics and Art: A unique journey through the Mosque of Cordoba

April 11, 20247:00 p.m.
Casa Árabe Auditorium (at Calle Samuel de los Santos Gener, 9). 7:00 p.m. Free entry until the event’s capacity is reached.
In Spanish.

To mark the official opening of the  exhibition “Al-Andalus Mathematics Tour,” professor and researcher Álvaro Martínez Sevilla will be giving this conference in Cordoba on Thursday, April 11.

During the conference, we will be taking a closer look at the mathematics used in the Mosque of Cordoba through the results of the Project “Paseo Matemático al-Ándalus” (“Al-Andalus Mathematics Tour”), in which we use our own technology, including photogrammetric surveys, and our own analysis based on an interdisciplinary methodology that includes art history, mathematics, science and technology, as well as providing an update to prior relevant scientific contributions made in this field.
We will be focusing on the geometry of the caliphal arches, the pioneering construction of the cross-ribbed vaults, the design, composition and decoration of the mihrab and monumental portals, and on the controversial topic of the mosque’s enigmatic directional orientation. All of this, coupled with some other issues, are unique features contributed by Umayyad caliphate art within the plentiful field of art in Al-Andalus, and we will be analyzing it from a mathematical point of view in order to perform a historical-artistic interpretation. 
Álvaro Martínez Sevilla
Professor of Mathematics in the Department of Algebra at the University of Granada for 35 years, he is currently a researcher at the Inter-university Research Institute of Data Science and Computational Intelligence (DaSCI) and is scientific director of the scientific tourism and dissemination project Paseo Matemático al Ándalus in conjunction with the Descubre Foundation. 
He is currently working in Mathematics, Art and Artificial Intelligence, as part of the Soft Computing and Intelligent Systems Research Group at the UGR. He was author and coordinator of the book Paseos Matemáticos por Granada (Mathematical Tours Through Granada, 2017, Ed. UGR), with several research publications and book chapters, as well as a great deal of activity in producing scientific works for general audiences. 
He is the scientific director of two projects funded through a competitive tender by the FECYT and the Autonomous Regional Government of Andalusia: Paseo Matemáticos por Granada and Paseo Matemático Al-Àndalus. In order to develop them, he has worked with a multidisciplinary team and covers aspects of research, training, outreach and tourism involving mathematics, art history and technology in monumental heritage.  
He is a member of several academic forums on art, science and scientific tourism. He has won several awards in recent years, and the distinction as a Project of Excellence for his Mathematical Tours, by the FECYT in its 2020 tender, as well as forming part of Fundación Descubre’s First Advisory Council of Science Tourism. 
Mathematics and Art: A unique journey through the Mosque of Cordoba

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