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Tour of Madrid’s Arab Past 

October 18, 20146:00 pm.
Museum of San Isidro-Museo de los Orígenes (at Plaza de San Andrés, 2). 6:00 pm. Price: 6 euros.

Guided walking tour to discover the city's origins

We are organizing this tour along with Ahora Arquitectura, with a walk to discover Madrid’s Arab origins.

Madrid was founded in the mid-ninth century (sometime between the years 853 and 865) by Emir Mohamed I of Cordoba as a military settlement, and it remained under Muslim rule until it was conquered by King Alfonso VI of Castile in 1085. Still in existence from those two centuries are various remains of the original walled city area (in Parque Mohamed I and the Plaza de la Armería), in addition to certain vestiges distributed throughout the environs of the Almudena Cathedral (at Calle Bailén, 12) and in the Plaza de Oriente (Torre de los Huesos). This medieval tour, which includes a visit to the Museum of San Isidro, also explains the Arab legacy existing in the later Mudéjar style architecture (Church of San Nicolás, Church of San Pedro and Torre de los Lujanes). 

The starting point for the tour will be the Museum of San Isidro-Museo de los Orígenes (at Plaza de San Andrés, 2). It will begin at 6:00 in the afternoon and will last approximately two and a half hours. Price: 6 euros.

If you would like to ask for further information on this activity, you should go to the following website link for Ahora Arquitectura or contact them at: reservas@ahoraarquitectura.es / 651 024 009.
Tour of Madrid’s Arab Past