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Fourth International Planeta Gala Booktrailers Contest 

After holding three initial editions which saw great success, the Antonio Gala Foundation is once again organizing this unique contest with the goal of highlighting the quality and originality found among video creators who work to promote literature. The deadline to submit entries is September 10, 2024.

April 01, 2024
This time around, with the cooperation of Casa Árabe, we would like to make the event go even more international and encourage all Arab writers and video creators, as well as those who have ties with the Arab world, to increase awareness about their work through this new contest created by the Foundation. 

Participants may submit up to two booktrailers for different books. The booktrailers may be made in any genre. The only requirement is that the universe appearing in the novel be clearly recognizable in the booktrailer.

Creators from all over the world can participate, with no restrictions based on country of origin, provided they are of legal age and the content is created or subtitled in Spanish. All content must be original.

The time period for submitting applications will last from April 1 through September 10, 2024. The registration fee to enter the contest is 40 euros plus VAT (Value Added Tax). The competition cannot be declared void and the jury’s decision is final.

You must register by completing the form provided for that purpose, which is posted at the website. Merely registering to participate in the contest implies full acceptance of all the contest conditions, as well as transferring all rights to the booktrailer for its dissemination by Planeta Gala, collaborating websites and social media.

The contest prizes are as follows:
First Prize: Diploma and statuette as the contest winner and a cash prize of €600
Second Prize: Diploma accrediting second place in the contest and cash prize of €400
Third Prize: Diploma accrediting third place in the contest and a cash prize of €200

The jury will be made up of persons with acknowledged prestige. It will be convened and announced on the contest website and social media by September 15, 2024, and the names of its members will be stated in the contest rules.

The winners undertake to send in a video, with the same technical characteristics as the booktrailer, that includes a greeting message and acceptance of the award. This video will be shown at the awards ceremony to be held on October 3, 2024 at Casa Árabe, located at Samuel de los Santos Gener Street, 9 - Cordoba.
Fourth International Planeta Gala Booktrailers Contest