Activities of April 01,

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  • Aula Árabe Universitaria 4
    Conferences and debates

    Aula Árabe Universitaria 4

    From September 13, 2022 until April 18, 2023Check dates and times for each event.
    On September 26, this yearly conference series organized in collaboration with university programs in the Autonomous Region of Madrid and in Cordoba will be returning. With 13 sessions in all, it will be lasting until April 18, 2023.
  • Reading Club and literary walk through Wallada’s Cordoba of the Caliphate
    Books and publications

    Reading Club and literary walk through Wallada’s Cordoba of the Caliphate

    From March 08, 2023 until April 01, 2023Check dates and times.
    We will be taking a closer look at the figure of Wallada bint al-Mustakfi in Cordoba on March 31 and April 1, combining the format of a reading club and a literary walk alongside Matilde Cabello, with the support of Cordoba’s Municipal Network of Libraries. SOLD OUT
  • Series of “Workshops with History” in Cordoba
    Courses and seminars

    Series of “Workshops with History” in Cordoba

    From January 26, 2023 until December 13, 2023Check times and dates for each workshop.
    For yet another year, Casa Árabe is once again hosting these craft workshops at its headquarters in Cordoba. They are organized by SextoMario with the goal of increasing awareness about the region’s history and historical values. Check the dates and sign up now.
  • ¡ALÁNDALUS VOY!: The body amid history and memory
    Courses and seminars

    ¡ALÁNDALUS VOY!: The body amid history and memory

    From March 16, 2023 until April 28, 2023Check schedules for each activity (workshops, dance tours, outcomes presentation).
    The Algarabía Cultural Youth Association, in collaboration with Casa Árabe, is inviting participants to take part in this theoretical/practical learning workshop run by Patricia Álvarez, the goal of which is to take a thoughtful look back at the historical period of Al-Andalus through dance. It will be held from April 10 to 28, as part of the Ramadan 2023 celebrations.
  • Games of Al-Andalus workshop
    Courses and seminars

    Games of Al-Andalus workshop

    Series of “Workshops with History” in Cordoba
    April 01, 20236:00 p.m.
    As part of our special Ramadan activities schedule, on Saturday, April 1, we will be hosting yet another workshop to discover the history of games in the era of Al-Andalus. Great times of fun and entertainment that have lasted until the present day! When the activity ends, the youngest attendees will be able to take one of these games home.