Activities of September 16,

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  • Aula Árabe Universitaria 4
    Conferences and debates

    Aula Árabe Universitaria 4

    From September 13, 2022 until April 18, 2023Check dates and times for each event.
    On September 26, this yearly conference series organized in collaboration with university programs in the Autonomous Region of Madrid and in Cordoba will be returning. With 13 sessions in all, it will be lasting until April 18, 2023.
  • Islamophobia in Southern Europe
    Conferences and debates

    Islamophobia in Southern Europe

    September 16, 202210:00 a.m.
    To mark the publication of the European Islamophobia Report (EIR), Casa Árabe is hosting an expert panel discussion at its headquarters in Madrid on September 16, where they will be analyzing the document and debating its conclusions. Sign up now to attend.
  • Our archeology and history workshops are back in Cordoba
    Courses and seminars

    Our archeology and history workshops are back in Cordoba

    From February 02, 2022 until December 15, 2022Check times and dates for each workshop.
    For yet another year, Casa Árabe is hosting these handicraft workshops given by SextoMario at its headquarters in Cordoba, with the goal of increasing awareness about the region’s history and historical values. Check all of the available dates.
  • Course on the Andalusian Mudéjar
    Courses and seminars

    Course on the Andalusian Mudéjar

    From September 09, 2022 until September 26, 2022The sessions will be held from September 27 through February 2, from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
    Enrollment is now open for this course on the Mudkéjar style in Andalusia, starting on September 27 at our headquarters in Cordoba. This is the third part of an artistic education course titled “The Mudéjar Style in Spanish Architecture: The surviving art of Al-Andalus”.
  • Last chance to sign up for this fall’s Arabic language courses
    Courses and seminars

    Last chance to sign up for this fall’s Arabic language courses

    From September 16, 2022 until September 25, 2022Check available groups and times.
    Extra enrollment period from September 16 to 25. In-person and online classes (remote) for adults and children as of 3 years old.