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  • Cosmopoetic 2011

    Cosmopoetic 2011

    From March 28, 2011 until April 10, 2011
    From April 6th to 10th, Casa Árabe will take part another season in the poetical festival which gathers in Cordoba a whole range of authors from all over the world, in collaboration with the Cultural Capital Bureau Cordoba 2016.
  • Second issue of the Awraq journal

    Second issue of the Awraq journal

    From January 24, 2011 until March 24, 2011
    Casa Árabe and AECID (Spanish Agency for International Cooperation and Development) publish Awraq.
    Journal of analysis and ideas about the contemporary Arab and Islamic world. The second issue has recently been released, in December 2010, devoted to The Gulf Countries, a new Arab avant-garde?, with articles by leading experts who under different approaches tackle issues from this Arab world’s region: relations between the European Union and the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf (Alberto Ucelay Urech); renewable energies in the Gulf (Habiba Al Marashi); the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf’s role within the Arab region (Edward Burke and Sara Bazzobandi); Al-Jazira and Qatar (Salam Kawakibi); and Arts in the United Arab Emirates (Steve Sabella).
  • A river between two funerals

    A river between two funerals

    From February 23, 2011 until March 03, 2011
    Casa Arabe organizes on thursday 3rd March, the release of the last book by the Moroccan writer Mohammed Bennis.
  • Contemporary Omani Poetry

    Contemporary Omani Poetry

    From January 25, 2011 until February 17, 2011
    On Thursday February 17th, Casa Árabe presents the first bilingual Arabic-Spanish Contemporary Omani Poetry anthology, which includes works of authors such as Saif al Rahbi, Nura al Badi, Muhammad al Rahbi, Hagr al Breiki, Khamis Qalam, Awad al Luwhi, Saida Khater, Laila al Bulushi and Hilal al Hagri.
  • From Tangiers to the Nile

    From Tangiers to the Nile

    From December 16, 2010 until January 25, 2011
    Casa Árabe presents in Madrid on January 25th From Tangiers to the Nile. North African Chronicle, the last book published by the journalist Javier Valenzuela.  

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