Casa Árabe’s Language Center offers in-company courses and private classes, with the same learning structure and certifications as provided in its regular courses.

In the comfort of your home or office, with all the assurances offered by such a well-known institution.


Equivalent to the Language Center’s regular courses, but with more conversation practice. Companies or private students can request the customization of course contents in accordance with their interests and needs.
These classes include study of Modern Standard Arabic, Moroccan Arabic (Darija), Egyptian and Levantine Arabic, as well as conversation courses, courses contextualized for the business world, and training on culture and doing business in the Arab countries or regions of the Arab world. The Language Center can also design ad hoc courses for specific business sectors: energy, infrastructures, architecture, health care, etc.

In order to request a sample plan of the beginner’s level of Modern Standard Arabic or further details on other levels, please send an e-mail message to:  


Your registration must be formalized by issuing a bank transfer, in a single payment or monthly installments.


1-2 students: €50/hr.
3-4 students: €60/hr.
5-8 students: €70/hr.
9-12 students: €80/hr.

*Valid within the limits of the capital city of Madrid.


The classes are organized into 30-hour modules, distributed in accordance with the availability of the student or students. They are equivalent to the regular quarterly courses at the Language Center, but include the possibility of customizing the course contents to suit the interests of the company or private student, and with a greater emphasis on practicing conversation.


In the event you wish to change or cancel a class, you will not be charged for the class, provided that you give notice at least 24 hours in advance.

In order to complete the 30 hours included in each module, if a cancellation with prior notice occurs, the class will be made up when the student and teacher have the available time. 


Language Center teachers and professionals in the field of Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language, with a great deal of teaching experience in Spain, selected by the Language Center.


As with the regular courses at the Language Center, students receive an ungraded attendance certificate, and if a student wishes to take a final exam, the Language Center will instead issue a certificate of successful course completion showing the final grade.


Students must purchase the textbooks assigned for each course, though teachers will also provide many complementary materials. The Balqís Bookstore at Casa Árabe offers a 5% discount to Language Center students on all their purchases.


Students taking private classes and in-company courses also receive the benefits which are offered to Language Center students.

Contact Information

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact us:

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